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Anonymous asked:

Are they gonna show Mona's funeral? And what do u think her flashbacks are gonna consist of mainly? Will they show who killed her and everything ?

Mona’s funeral will be in the Winter premiere that airs in January, 2015. Her first flashback will appear in the Christmas Special and it will be a memory of her through Hanna’s eyes. The actress, Janel Parrish, had stated that we will get to see some of the scenes that took place during Mona’s attack, “she went out with a fight.” However, I’m not sure if her killer is revealed exactly during the flashbacks, or if we’re going to get just glimpse, or bits and pieces of what happened that day :)

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rose-petals-s asked:

Hey! I was wondering if you knew what the episode which is airing on the 21st of October was, because as it is the 13th episode it usually would be a Halloween episode. Also do you know when the christmas episode airs as i have seen sneak peeks on facebook. ahah thanks so much, sorry for all the questions haha. btw love your blog! :)

It’s a Fan Appreciation episode with the cast answering questions that were submitted by the fans. Marlene has stated that this episode will also reveal secrets, so it’s imperative that you watch.
The Christmas Special will air in December, it’s a regular episode that we normally see on PLL and it takes place a month after Thanksgiving, or Mona’s murder. This episode will air sometime during the 25days of Christmas lineup on ABC Family, no exact date given at the moment :)


We all wondered why Mona called Aria about Ali being A instead of Hanna in 5x12.

• Notice all the Aria/Mona and mirror parallels?

I think in Season 4 Mona became interested in Mike to not only get close to Aria but try to become her in some way or form.

Mona even started dressing like Aria, the sudden change of clothing style, wearing grunge and leopard.

• Why though? Aren’t we all thinking it has to do with Aria being A? Or them both sharing the same mental illness?

Idk, but Mona seemed to favorite Aria the most in Seasons 1 and 2. Saving Aria and Ezra’s relationship and making Jackie go away (tempted to). And the less fortunate torture from A.

And it seems odd how Aria had some sympathy for Mona in 5x11. Telling her not to say that she shouldn’t of died on that cliff, when in fact Aria threatened her with the same notion. Makes no sense to me.

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pooxh asked:

bethany young is alive and big A alison is black widow sarah harvey was buried by melissa bethany hit ali

Ooo, this is juicy and I like it!!

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Anonymous asked:

What do you think about that pov casket shot? It's a bit confusing.

Since this scene is shown in the Christmas episode it could be that this is where Ali’s dream will start. Ali is suppose to get a visit from Mona in the Christmas special, as a way for her to change her ways. Very similar to Scrooge, if you’ve seen the movie/cartoon. Therefore, maybe Alison is dreaming and is shown that if she doesn’t change she could actually end up in a coffin.

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Anonymous asked:

hii! When is the next episode's date?

The next episode will air October 21st, but it’s not a episode that we normally see. A fan appreciation episode for the Halloween episode this year, with the cast of PLL answering questions :))

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lexenia17 asked:

Did you notice the question mark Ali wrote on the window in S5E2 ? The same question mark like in the letter of spencers dresses in S4E23. I never saw a question mark like this one.

Hmm, I will have to check that out. Thanks Luv!!

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lynmarie76 asked:

On Epidsode 3x18, we see Emily's flashback of the night that Ali went missing. She remembers seeing Ali and apparently hitting her with the shovel.... Later we're told Bethany got hit with a shovel and Ali supposed got hit with a rock.... So has anything ever been cleared up about Emily's flashback?

In 3.18, Emily confirms that she got her nightmares mixed up and that she “didn’t kill Alison.” Remember, this is the episode where Jason invites the girls to the mausoleum to say their goodbyes to Alison after her/Bethany body was return. Emily confirmed that her dream was just a mere mix up :)